The 15th Annual Mid-Winter Workshop for Voices, Recorders, Viols and other “early” instruments. North Atlanta Metro area, January 19th and 20th, 2018.

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2018 Mid-Winter Workshop (15th annual)

For Voices, Recorders, and Viols and other “early” instruments
Atlanta, GA area, January 19th and 20th, 2018

Sponsored by the Atlanta Early Music Alliance (AEMA), the Atlanta Recorder Society (ARS) and encouraged by regional members of the Viola da Gamba Society

Faculty: Holly Maurer, Jody Miller, Patricia Petersen, Anne Timberlake, Recorders; Viols; Larry Lipnik, Voices & Viols (Friday), Viols (Saturday); Stewart Carter, Loud Band;
Catherine Bull, Renaissance flutes*.
Faculty members are well known in Early Music performance and teaching at workshops.
(Faculty profiles are available)

At this workshop, Recorders and Viols will play primarily instrumental music. There will be Friday evening sessions of Voices and Viols. There will also be classes for Loud Band (Early Brass and Reeds), Friday evening and Saturday (on your instruments). All will practice a FINALE piece, in which all musicians participate at the conclusion of the workshop. 

*Catherine Bull will lead Renaissance Flutes in two class sessions on Saturday morning. Lauda Musicam of Atlanta will make available a set of matched Renaissance Flutes for these sessions.

Music: Emphasis will be on Early Music, but some newer music for historical instruments will be featured.
Each participant will receive sheet music with a detailed confirmation letter before Christmas. The music is included in the fee, if registration is postmarked November 30th or earlier. After November 30th, there will be a late/music fee of $20. There will be an additional (late) fee of $20 after Dec. 31st.

If you play a transposing instrument, please be ready to transpose the music yourself.
All instruments should be tuned to A=440 Hz

Dates and Times: The workshop will start on Friday, January 19th at 6:30 PM. It will continue Saturday, January 20th at 9 AM and finish before 6 PM. The time will be divided into 6 class sessions (2 on Friday, 4 on Saturday), plus the Finale performance.
Place (Venue) near Atlanta: McCleskey Middle School
 4080 Maybreeze Rd, Marietta, GA 30066-2734

Participants: Participants should be at least 14 years of age, unless recommended by a music teacher in writing. You should have intermediate or advanced ability for Choral Singing or for playing your Recorders, Viols, Reeds or Brass.
Other “early” instruments are very welcome! Of course, you should bring your own instruments to this workshop.

Classes: There will be 6 class sessions: 2 on Friday, 4 on Saturday. You can choose to do all 6 classes on one instrument category, or split the classes among multiple instrument categories. Voices and Viols are together on Friday evening only (2 classes). 2 Renaissance flute classes are available Saturday morning.

Enrollment limit: The facility may handle 90 participants plus Faculty. Therefore, enrollment will be by USPS postmark. Beyond 90, a waiting list, again by postmark, will serve, if cancellations occur.

Cost: the basic fee will be $130. Members of AEMA and the Atlanta Recorder Society will receive a discount of $30.   Refunds, minus $35 for provided music and unrecoverable costs, can be granted for cancellations on or before March 10th, 2017, whether you or we have to cancel.

Meals: A box lunch for Saturday is included in the fee. Please indicate if you need a vegetarian or vegan meal.

Housing: There are a number of motels or hotels within 5-6 miles of the venue.

Emerging Players: As in previous years, there will be no sessions for “emerging” Recorder or Viol players.

Scholarships: A few scholarships for intermediate or advanced players aged 14 or older, are available upon a personal or teacher request sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Fees will be waived, except for a $20 charge for music and $6 for the Saturday box lunch.  With the scholarship, there is an expectation to help with a few chores before, during and/or after the workshop. Scholarship recipients are required to register on-line.

Register with Mickey Gillmor (Registrar), 947 Blue Ridge Ave. Atlanta, GA 30306-4416 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A registration form can be downloaded, or on-line registration accessed, from the AEMA website:
Our preference is on-line registration

To register on-line, go to the AEMA website,; on the Main Menu, select Mid-Winter Workshop Registration and fill out the Registration Form. Fill out all applicable boxes. Your fee will be automatically calculated. You can then pay by check or Paypal.

If you register by mail, you must send a check to Mickey Gillmor (see address above)
Checks must be made out to the “Atlanta Early Music Alliance” or “AEMA”

For Questions: Jorg Voss: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 770-998-3575

We waive a $20 music fee, if you register and pay by November 30th, 2017. Registration after November 30th will incur an additional $20 late/music fee. Registration after December 31 will incur an additional $20 late fee. (Payment by date on envelope).