Mid-Winter Workshop 2020 Musical Selections

Friday Evening

Friday Evening Part 1: Whirlwind Tour of Europe


Friday Evening Part 2: Tis the Season (all pieces by or arranged by Jorg Voss)

Josquin des Prez: comment peult [probably from Belgium, but maybe France]

Carlo Gesualdo: Peccantem me quotidie [from Italy]

Orlando Gibbons: Magnificat [from England]

Hans Leo Hassler: Ardo si ma non t'amo [from Germany]

Johannes Ockeghem: Prenez sur moy vostre exemple [from Netherlands, but town is now in Belgium]
Note: Final note in middle line is an A, and not C. The C would be cringe-worthy against the D in the top line.

Pierre Sandrin: Doulce Memoire [from France]

Tomas Luis de Victoria: O lux et decus Hispaniae [from Spain]



Drive the Winter Away

The Wisemen and the Star

Christmas Fantasia

Dear Memories

Maria durch ein Dornwald ging
(updated Jan. 17 at 6:20 pm EST)

Saturday Sessions

Session Instructor Music

Anne (recorders)

Recorder Bouquet

Lo, how a rose (Anonymous)

En la fuente del rosel (Juan Vásquez)

Hartes ease (Anonymous)

A stock of flowers

Jody (8 ft recorders)

Calm After Coffee
Music of Tomás Luis de Victoria

Estote fortes in bello

Incipit lamentatio Ieremiæ

Gaudent in cælis

O Doctor optime

Ave Maria


Fors seulement

Music will be provided in class.

Phil (recorders)

The Contenance Angloise

Alleluya: A nywe werke

De plus en plus se renouvelle (Binchois)

Les Douleurs DontMe Sens Tel Somme (Dufay)

Par droit je puis (Dufay)

Quam pulchra es (Dunstable)

Stew (cornetti, sackbuts, open reeds)

Music from the Court of Maximilian


Jack (viols)



Anne (recorders)

Memento Mori

Thou knowest, Lord (Henry Purcell)

Continuo lacrimas a6 (Jacobus van Vaet)

O Death, rock me asleep (Anonymous)

Lust hab ich g'habt zur Musica (Ludwig Senfl)

Jody (Renaissance fultes) All pieces

Holly (recorders)

Fa la la and all that Jazz!

Music will be provided in class.

Phil (recorders)

Rocking the Renaissance

All ye who music love (Donato)

Par droit je puis (Dufay)

See, see, myne own sweet jewell (Morley)

The Fairie-round (Holborne)

Stew (cornetti, sackbuts, open reeds)

Canzonas and Ricercars
from Late Renaissance Italy


Jack (viols)

A Musical Snapshot of Florence


Anne (recorders)

The Devil's Acre
Music of Henry Purcell

Fantasia No. 11: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass


Thou knowest, Lord

Dido's Lament, From Dido and Aeneas, act 3

Jody (cornetti, sackbuts, open reeds)

Music of Victoria

Estote fortes in bello

Incipit lamentatio Ieremiæ

Gaudent in cælis

O Doctor optime

Ave Maria

Holly (viols)

Go East Ye Viols

 Music will be provided in class.

Phil (recorders)

Music of Tudor England

 Same music as in Stew's class.

Stew (recorders)

Music of Tudor England


Jack (recorders)

Tour de France


Anne (recorders)

Forbidden Fruit

All-Night Vigil (Rachmaninoff)

Sarabande "pour les flutes a bec" (Debussy)

Nachtwache I (Brahms)

Ubi Caritas (Duruflé)

Jody (all instruments)

Praetorius Dance Party

Praetorius Dance Party Book

Holly (viols)

Simmeply Delightful

Music will be provided in class.

Phil (capped reeds)

Several of these pieces have extraneous pages full of empty measures.
Players should just ignore these. It looks like the arranger lost the battle
with the notation software. The struggle is real!

Dindirindín (anon)

Pase el agoa (anon)

Amor con fortuna (Encina)

¡Cucú, cucú! (Encina)

Triste España (Encina)

Una sañosa porfía (Encina)

Jack (recorders)




Saturday Early Evening: Voices and Viols

Music of Palestrina

O bone Jesu

O crux ave

Conditor alme siderum

Sicut servus

Regina coeli

Saturday Early Evening: Winds

Fonerier (Björn Hagvall)

Alma Redemptoris (Lassus): Chorus 1, Chorus 2

Confitebor tibi Domine (Lassus): SA of Chorus 1, TB of Chorus 1, SA of Chorus 2, TB of Chorus 2 (be prepared to be in either chorus)

 ... additional music to be provided on-site

Sunday Morning

Stew's Selections Jody's Selections Phil's Selections

When I'm 64

The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B


The New-yeeres Gift (Holborne)

Mille regretz (Josquin)

Rose, liz, printemps (Machaut)