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The Broadside

Publication of the Atlanta Early Music Alliance

AEMA uses the Broadside to bring our community news on upcoming events and reviews of recent concerts or workshops. Anyone can contribute to the Broadside by emailing a suggested article, review, to

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Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Hello AEMA!

This Broadside comes packed with updates for our Atlanta early music community. Most importantly, it is election time! We ask that all members read the election article on page 2 and vote at this link before July 9th. It is also time for membership renewal, and it will be the first time many of our general members will use the membership system on our new website. I have created a short video to help walk you through the process of creating an account and renewing your membership online, and you can read about the features of our new system on page 5. The Board of Directors and Publications Committee have also decided to change the frequency and content of future Broadsides. More information about these changes can be found on page 10.

Looking now towards the future, we have started planning for a resurgence of activities over the next year. Mid-Winter workshop is a cornerstone event of AEMA that we are proud to continue supporting, but the general gatherings and playing events that COVID disrupted have been sorely missed. We believe many within our community are enthusiastic about getting together again, and we have begun seeking venues for social playing and singing sessions to come back! More information will come as plans solidify, so keep an eye on our communication and our AEMA Calendar to keep up with events.

Enjoy this Broadside, and feel free to reach out to us with any comments, suggestions, or requests by emailing us at

- Jacob Bitinas, President

2023 Broadside 4 - June
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News and Events

Election Time!

Vote in this election cycle at this link. Ensure you renew your membership for your vote to be valid! Full article on page 2.

Membership Renewal

We are moving to a rolling membership system and all fixed memberships will expire in July. Learn how to renew in the new site on page 5.

Dance Party Success

Jorg Voss reviews the successful collaboration between Lauda Musicam of Atlanta and Atlanta Historic Dance on page 6.

Broadside Changes/ Calendar Returns

We have resurrected our AEMA calendar under the “News” section of our website. An overview of the Broadside and AEMA Calendar changes are on page 10. Submit events to the calendar by emailing

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