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2024 June Broadside

President’s Farewell

When I moved to Atlanta in 2014, I had no professional or social connections. I never expected to be so immediately and wholly welcomed by Chrissy Spencer, Martha Bishop, and our entire Atlanta early music community. I would love to use my final President’s message to share the beginnings of my connection to our community and to thank you all for your support.

Though I took lessons and played viol in college, I did not have an instrument. It took Martha Bishop only one meeting for her kindly to lend me an instrument in September 2014. This loan enabled me to participate in my first early music workshop, Music on the Mountain, in 2015. I was immediately inspired by the agility and musicianship of Gail Ann Schroeder, Joanna Blendulf, Alison Crum, and Roy Marks. That June, I attended Mountain Collegium and began to realize how important it was to support these gatherings and organizations that provide many an oasis of inspiration and camaraderie. My connection to the Atlanta viol community grew through regular gatherings in Marian Burge’s home to participate in Martha’s group lessons. David Lawrence eventually invited me to participate in the 2018 AEMA board election. Though I wasn’t yet familiar with all our outstanding non-string musicians, I was happy to accept the nomination.

It has been six years since that election when I joined the AEMA board, and I have been honored to have spent four of those years as President. In these six years, I have been fortunate to befriend so many more of our passionate community. AEMA has had a history of strong leadership, so I hope the changes made in the last half-decade only amplify the dedication and efforts of my predecessors. Here’s to the future, and I can’t wait to see how Wanda and the new Board take AEMA into the next era!

-Jacob Bitinas, AEMA President 2020-2024

Download and view the full broadside at the link below.

2024 June Broadside
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News and Events

Election Time!

Vote in this election cycle at this link. Ensure you renew your membership for your vote to be valid! Learn about AEMA’s leadership changes as Mickey Gillmor and Jacob Bitinas complete their second terms.


Membership Renewal

Learn how to check your membership status and through our new membership management system that launched last year.

The Year in Review

An overview of what our community has accomplished this past year, with highlights of the new Atlanta Festival Consort and the Mid-Winter Workshop.



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Elections 2024

Nominees and Voting 2-3

Membership Refresher

Keeping Active 4

The Year in Review

Atlanta Festival Consort 5

Mid-Winter 2024 6-8

Concert Reviews

Lauda Chamber 9-10

Lauda Old World 11

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